We know how to make IT work

We are problem solvers who are not afraid of challenge. We provide tech solutions, simply.

What we do

INEX car­ries out pro­jects in four main areas

  • Gaming

    Our softwa­re han­dles gaming win­nings pay­outs in casi­nos all aro­und the US, in South Ame­ri­ca, Cana­da, Macau, Viet­nam, Phi­lip­pi­nes, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

  • Health Shield

    Our softwa­re is used to pro­tect people from a pan­de­mic in Cana­da and the Uni­ted Sta­tes. It sup­ports both pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies, medi­cal and sports centers.

  • Sport Betting

    We are pro­vi­ding solu­tion for self servi­ce bet­ting ter­mi­nals. Our softwa­re is pro­vi­ding har­dwa­re plat­form and API for any Bet­ting frontend.

  • IoT

    We pre­pa­re softwa­re solu­tions for elec­tro­nic devi­ces and plat­forms for mana­ging them, as well as ana­ly­zing data from devices.

About us

INEX is made of cre­ati­ve people who value team­work and sha­ring knowledge.

  • Teams

    INEX USA Pro­duct Sup­port Team coope­ra­tes clo­se­ly with Eastern Euro­pe dev cen­ter in Poland. The­re are few teams that com­pri­se INEX Poland: Dev Teams (Fron­tend + Bac­kend), R&D, IoT, Quali­ty Assu­ran­ce, Rele­ase and Sup­port Team, Dev Ops Team, Pro­ject Mana­ge­ment Offi­ce, Har­dwa­re Deve­lop­ment Team.

  • Stack

    Our tech­no­lo­gy stack is based on: : C#, .NET 5, ASP.NET Core, .Enti­ty Fra­me­work Core, Java, C/C++, Python„ Andro­id, Reshar­per, Xunit, Jen­kins, Gitlab, SignalR, Thrift, gRPC, Git­flow, Gra­fa­na, Bla­zor, Akka.NET, GIT, Linux, Win­dows, Andro­id, Post­gre­SQL, SQL Server, Mon­goDB, Kaf­ka, AMQ, Azu­re Clo­ud, GCP, Jira, Confluence.

  • People

    Whi­le our… per­so­na­li­ty stack inc­lu­des: curio­si­ty and con­stant need to grow, deter­mi­na­tion, com­pro­mi­se in team­work, never in softwa­re solu­tions, open­ness, sen­se of humor, defi­ni­te­ly abo­ve average.

  • Experience

    INEX is a long stan­ding com­pa­ny with exten­si­ve expe­rien­ce, never failing to main­ta­in fresh view on softwa­re deve­lop­ment. We are a small and thus (but not only due to that!) a clo­se-knit team. Our repu­ta­tion in the gaming indu­stry and long-term coope­ra­tion allow us to look into the futu­re with con­fi­den­ce and keep our esta­bli­shed position.

Contact us

If you want to find out more abo­ut what we do or if you want to join our team, send us an ema­il at: aW5leEBpbmV4LXVzYS5jb20=